Direct-To-Garment printing is a method where water-based inks are sprayed onto garment using modified inkjet technology.

Firstly, a pre-treatment solution is applied to help the ink adhere to the material. Then the garment is secured on a platen and inserted into the printer where the image prints in just a couple of minutes. Finally, the ink is cured to make the print more durable.


This process provides a vibrant finish for photorealistic images or full-colour designs with intricate fading or shading of colours.


In contrast to SCREEN PRINTING, DIGITAL PRINTING requires minimal setup time, making it ideal for small orders. It is even possible to print a single garment if needed.


DTG technology also has paved the way for using environmentally-friendly inks, and the process is highly energy-efficient as it uses less energy, lowering the carbon footprint.

DTG Direct To Garment Printed T-shirt

The functionality of a Direct-To-Garment machine is similar in fashion to a regular paper printer, except it prints on garments.

When creating designs for T-shirts or any other apparel, ensure you have a high-resolution image. This way, the DTG printer can create a clear, sharp, and colorful print. The key is ensuring your designs are saved in the highest resolution possible for the best print quality.


To avoid poor results with DTG printing, avoid using translucent elements. Anything less than 100% opacity does not print well, as the printer tries to compensate for the missing color by spreading the ink unevenly. This leaves gaps in the fabric. Instead, use solid colors or simulate semi-transparency through halftoning.


A white undercoat is used when printing onto coloured garments to ensure the colours are bright and vibrant.


For items that are not made of 95-100% cotton, we recommend utilizing SCREEN PRINTING or TRANSFER PRINTING methods. They are ideal for non-cotton fabrics as they provide durable and vibrant results that adhere well to various materials.

DTG Direct To Garment Printed T-shirt


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