Screen printing transfers a stencilled design onto a flat surface by using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee to push the ink through the stencil onto the surface below.

A separate screen is needed for each colour in your design therefore the fewer colours, the less it costs to print. It’s better suited to artwork with spot colours, solid graphics without small details as opposed to photographs or full-colour prints with gradients, though we can produce excellent results with virtually all artworks.


Screen printing is recommended for higher-volume textile printing (50+ pieces) because, despite higher setup costs, it becomes the most cost-effective option when printing large quantities due to efficiency gains. The preparation process is lengthy but pays off in quality and affordability for larger print runs.


Whether you want a small run of a dozen garments or thousands for your event, your business, school team or organization, you can count on us to deliver quality screen-printed products.

Depending on the complexity of your design and amount of colours we can print it as:


SPOT COLOURS – up to 8 individual solid colours


SIMULATED PROCESS – a blending of spot colours using halftones to reproduce full-color or highly detailed images


PROCESS – a blending of 4 CMYK colours using overlapping halftones


If you have full-colour artwork and only need a few garments (less than 50),  DIGITAL PRINTING is sometimes a more cost-effective solution.

Screen Printing Printed T-shirt


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    Low Minimums

    Need quality apparel without ordering in bulk? Minimum of only 50 units.

    Superior Pricing

    High quality products at an unparalleled value with competetive pricing.


    No-risk personalised apparel with guaranteed accuracy, quality and delivery.

    Design Review

    Each order undergoes an in-house art review to guarantee optimal finished results.

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